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A Girl named Rocksee

In hindsight.

Your Imaginary Friend
5 September
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I'm just being pulled along by the string of time. This journal has grown up with me. It's like my little invisible friend.

I love awkward moments.

People watching is what we all live for. It's the world's most played and adored sport. We're always interested in what each other is doing and how they do it. We'd like to think we're journaling for ourselves, but I know that's only half true.

I love my life. My world is great. Once I stopped living in other people's confined definition of life and the kind of person I should be, things got exponentially more fulfilling. Plus, love is pretty much the best thing in the world.

High five, party people. Welcome.

My awesome brother-in-law Chris and I being Bruce Lee.

Tree of Love
My growing family, among the trees.

My first real, true love.
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