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My small bridezilla moment

August 22nd, 2011 (09:02 am)

Yesterday at the rental shop, I had my first Bridezilla moment. I'm not proud of my behavior, but listen: I'M EXHAUSTED!

Normally, I've been taking things in stride and things have been smooth. When something hasn't gone "right", I've been quick to adapt. If hours of watching Bridezillas has taught me anything (and believe it or not, it has), it's to be open to adaptation. Planning your wedding and executing it with grace and style should be something we strive for, not being a total pain in the ass, stubborn, fixated little petulant child.

And yet...

There I was combing the rental store for the closest equivalent to "Coral" as possible for my linen napkins. MY NAPKINS. When I was presented with an alternative option like "Watermelon" or "Peach", I felt a tiny stab of unfairness behind my heart and a boil of blood in my face. "Those are both too pink. I need something with more orange in it." Like anyone cares. Like I even care that much. When I looked over at Patrick, he was giving me a look of "Really??" And yet, I paced around the store, fiending for coffee and a cigarette (and I'm not a smoker), looking for the perfect napkin and table linen color to "fit my vision". "Tina, I just want to get out of here and I want Coral napkins." I think I might have looked a little something like this at one point:
Flail,Angry,Shut Up,Gif

Sheesh. Get a grip. Luckily, my fit of displeasure was short and mild (I'll thank my practice of meditation for that) and when I apologized to Tina at the rental store, she said, "That's what you call a bridezilla fit...? Ha!" And then she gave me candy. And I loved her for it.

Seriously, planning a large wedding is more than a part time job. The minute details are staggering. The amount of brain power is max capacity. And swatting away the stress is exhausting. When my mom or my BFF Yasi call to ask me details about my Bachelorette party and my Bridal Shower, I just say, in my most kindest of tones, "I don't give a mad fuck." Ladies, just tell me where and when to go and I'll be there.

Ok, back to the grind. Thank god for coffee!

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Christina is Getting Married: Part Two - Wedding Colors, Decor & Music

August 2nd, 2011 (11:57 am)

As fun as it has been to put together my own ensemble, I've had a lot of fun conceptualizing the look and feel of my wedding on a whole. I'm going to go start to finish on this entry since there is a lot to cover.

Early on, I decided that trees were going to be a big part of my design. We are getting married under a giant oak tree, so I designed this invitation which was then printed on "thinly sliced birch". Its a wooden invitation! More sustainable and cheaper than actual paper.

My color scheme is "jewel-toned". All my bridesmaids are wearing different colored dresses and styles. After years of seeing so much "matchy-matchy" weddings, I realized that style just wasn't for me. I don't want my bridesmaids to look all the same. They are unique and beautiful. It's not about them looking the same for pictures (because, believe me, this is the FIRST complaint I hear from people - "WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES?!"), it's about them looking stunning. I want them to decorate themselves the way they want. This woman who practically accosted me when I was doing my dress alteration really got my goat on this whole issue. She was trying to sell me her jewelry. It was all rhinestones, pearls and iridescent gems. Not for me.

Here is a phrase I've come to hate hearing, "You're gonna wanna..."

This woman said "You're gonna wanna have them all wearing the same jewelry. You're gonna wanna have them look the same for pictures. You're gonna wanna give them the gift of the jewelry at the rehearsal dinner." When I asked her why I had to do it that way, she said, "Because, that's what people do. It looks the best." But how does she know this way won't look fabulous?

Ahem, I digress. Luckily, my vision remains strong. It won't be your traditional wedding, but it certainly is a colorful and exuberant take on it.

These aren't really the dress styles, but the color scheme is similar so you get an idea.

Flower girl. :)

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Christina is Getting Married: Part One - The Bride

July 30th, 2011 (08:54 pm)
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Many of you have asked, "So what's up with your wedding?" Well, my process of planning has been a very solitary thing. I like to visualize things as much as possible before moving forward on purchases. It's taken me a while to finally put together all the pieces of my ensemble, but I finally (minus some things) nailed it. On top of that, I finally settled on the decor and just about every piece of the puzzle is in place. I'm almost done drafting my programs and a few other things. I'm very proud of myself, but I also am in the home stretch (a month away!) to finalize all the pieces.

So, here's what's up people. I'm finally revealing all my cards and making final decisions. Welcome to my wedding vision!

The dress.

I started wedding dress shopping shortly after our engagement because I knew this would take me a lot of time. I didn't really know what I wanted. It took a lot of tries. I have some mad curves and I needed something that didn't emphasize them in a crazy way. This was lovely. I love the old lace and the detailing.

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Thoughts? Ideas?

More to come!

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Bottles and Cans, just clap your hands.

July 22nd, 2011 (04:34 pm)

A little over a month ago, I threw this PHAT (yea, I said phat) housewarming party. Technically it was a housewarming/my good friend Yasi's birthday party. We decided to go all out. We stocked up on chicken and burgers to BBQ, bought 5 huge jugs of liquor, a 48 case of beer and tons of soda. Yasi's husband Patrick DJ'd and people didn't really start going home until 4:30! It was so much fun. I invited my family and some friends, and Yasi invited her friends and family. The house was packed. There were groups of people in both of my family rooms, the kitchen, the front yard and sometimes even in the garage. As the night wore on, I realized how many people were there that I didn't know. In fact, last weekend I went to a bar in Oakland and this guy came up to me and said, "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO THREW THAT AMAZING PARTY!" I didn't even remember seeing him there. It was a damn good time.

And holy cow, did people drink. Luckily, everyone handled themselves very well, but with the amount of people and the length of the party, we blew through so much booze. And people kept bringing alcohol as well, so by the next day, we had a whole ice chest full of beers. We counted 47 bottles undrunk. 1 less than what we started out with.

Today I finally got around the taking all the bottles and cans to the redemption center. Our recycling has been super full from all the boxes from moving, so we didn't have room. Plus, we thought it'd be nice to get the cash back. But this is a task I've been dreading. The pile has slowly grown since the party. One of my good friends was over two nights ago and he said, "So, still no movement on the recycle pile?" Clearly, I had put it off fair too long.

I filled 7 garbage bags of bottles and cans. SEVEN! I thought maybe 2-3, but seven?! The whole process was annoying since I had to separate things. Occasionally a bag would break and old beer would splatter all over me. When I finally managed to get every bag in the car, one of them busted open. Luckily, I covered the whole backseat in towels, but it added to the inconvenience of the whole situation.

Finally, I get to the redemption center an hour after I began the bagging process. The place is packed. People have so many recyclables that I started to feel better about my 7 huge, bulging, busting bags. I dragged a barrel over to my car and started to fill it. 3 full barrels later, I'm trying to figure out how to drag the barrels to the weigh station. As I'm struggling with one, this woman starts driving right up to me (I was in the parking lot) and lays on her horn. She starts motioning to me and waving me to get out of the middle of the road.

I let go of the heavy barrel, push my falling sunglasses back up my nose and look at her. Over the horn I say, "Just go around me, please."

She wouldn't stop honking. It was so loud. So I shouted. "STOP IT!" She did and leaned her head outside of the car and said, "What?" And I said, "That's really loud and annoying. Just go around me." She said, "That guy took my parking spot!" She started honking again. The guy that took her spot walked up near me and started to shout at her. I took that as my cue to move it.

I got my barrels, with the help of some lovely gentleman, to the weigh station. 14lbs of glass, 1.6lbs of plastic and .4 pounds of aluminum. This was my first time at a redemption center. I got really excited about how much that would add up to. I had guessed it'd be around $30. As I was standing in line waiting for my receipt, this guy in the warehouse starts throwing all the glass into this bigger container. The noise was deafening. It hurt my ears so bad. The line was moving so slow, so I had to just suffer through the loudness for minutes. I couldn't cover my ears with my hands because they were so dirty and sticky. "I can't believe there isn't hand sanitizer here," I said to myself, shuddering.

Finally, I get to the window. After a minute or two, he comes back with a receipt and cash. $14.37.

For all that? At this point the process had taken almost 2 hours. That's not even minimum wage. For all the loudness, grossness and messiness, I got just enough to know to never do that again.

As I was driving home, I called my sister's husband to brag about having 14lbs of glass beer bottles because I knew he'd find that to be entertaining. He responded with, "You had that main open containers of booze in your car? You could get into some serious trouble for that." He always helps me to see things in a totally different way.

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Where are they now?: Me edition

July 21st, 2011 (03:18 pm)

*Dusts off the LJ screen*

Hello world.

*Taps mic*

Is this thing still on??

I don't really do *this* a whole lot but I thought I might try to be "internetty".

So, where was I? Its too far back to even pace myself up to today.

I guess the biggest news would be that my wedding is in a matter of weeks. Under a giant oak tree, surrounded by my lovely family and friends and dozens of multi-colored, festive banners, poms and ribbons, I will be married to a wonderful man. I'm finalizing some of the logistical details like party rental supplies and I've finally thrown my hands up in the air and hired a graphic designer to help me finish up my "detail touches" that I had been laboring on with not great results. We finally finished our music selection except for the all-important song we will be walking down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. I'm thinking of asking his sister to bring her accordion to do a rendition of Sea of Love. I love that song, but I really can't stand the cover done by Cat Power.

Now, when I talk about how I feel about the whole thing, of course I'm very happy. I feel lucky and maybe even a little surprised in the way Elizabeth Darcy would have - "Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony which is why I shall end up an old maid." There are a lot of emotions going on for me. Some I can't even articulate into words, others I'm sure are just part of the nature trajectory. I don't do too well with change and here I am going from Christina to Christina married to Patrick. I've been engaged for almost a year and yet its all still sinking in for me. I've been so strongly ME, no matter if I've been in a relationship or not, but now I'm ME & HIM. She & Him, if you will. It's all very complicated and deeply personal. But suffice to say, I'm thrilled - just going through some growing pains, thrills and elation. And mostly, LOTS OF LOVE!


Anyway, that's the LOGISTICS of my update. I want to write more (I say that all the time), but I mean it this time! Maybe not every day or every week, but I miss detailing the little things that happen throughout the day.

Upcoming stories:
- Moving to the 'burbs
- Living near the Chinese Market
- My friend's shitty girlfriend
- Searching for the right bachelorette party bar
- Soul stuff/writing a book
- Saying awkward things, always
- Peer pressure drinking game - Prognosis: Not good.

Later, party people.

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What the hail?

March 22nd, 2011 (03:06 am)

The weather has been too strange lately. I don't know what I expect of it really. I mean, it's weather. It's suppose to be unpredictable in that shitty kind of way.

Amelia (Meel) got stuck in the rain that turned into hail the other night. She's mute so when she meows, you can't hear her. She just mouths it. I was about to go to bed when I realized she wasn't in the house. I turned on the porch light and there she was, mouthing several big meows and totally drenched. She came right in and started to groom herself. I don't get cats. Oliver would have gone straight for my bed and tried to rub his little face all over it. Then again, Oliver would never let himself be forgotten in the rain.

I've been having a lot of fun writing out this story for my novel. It's getting long! I got some really good feedback from my writing group. They all said they wanted to keep reading, which I thought would have just been them being nice, but very few people have said that before in the group.

I'm feeling really justified with my decision to quit my job and follow my heart a little bit more. I feel like I just went through this detox and now I'm back to me. I've worked hours on my resume and applications, landed a pretty awesome job interview, but still want to hold out for this job at my old summer camp company doing higher management. I'd potentially get the chance to work with Patrick again and I'd LOVE THAT! We made a great team and he made work really fun. I just feel lucky to have opportunities at my doorstep.

Life is grand. Everything is jewel-toned ("festive jewel toned" is what I'm calling my wedding colors).

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(no subject)

March 10th, 2011 (11:24 am)

Between 8:30pm - 10:30 pm, an ice cream truck plays "The Turkey in the Straw" somewhere in my neighborhood. I'm pretty convinced at this point that it's a bat signal for a drug haven or sex den. A few times I've considered driving to find the whereabouts, but that seems unsafe for some reason.

Naturally, I had to Google, "Late Night Ice Cream Truck" and apparently, I'm not the only one who has experienced this - and suspected it was involved with drugs.

And here's a (racist) fact about "The Turkey in the Straw" (of course I had to Google the title of this song. I only knew it as, "That damn ice cream truck song!"): It became popular in the early 1800s by a blackface performer. It is also the same tune you sing "Do your ears hang low?" song, which creeped me out a lot when I was little. In the same way as the story of the girl with the yellow ribbon around her neck did. Why the hell did I read that in school??