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Get up and move!

August 5th, 2013 (10:53 am)

Well, I failed my goal of doing just one pull-up by August 1st. I did practice quite a bit though. I lost about 5 lbs in the process and my arms are super buffed out (partly because of holding baby so much who is clocking in around 28lbs). I'm not sure I would have been able to do a pull-up, but the whole process got usurped by a surprise notification to move out of our house.

On July 12th our landlord called us to say that he had to sell the house and if we could be out by August 1st, he wouldn't charge us July rent. The timing on this couldn't have been worse. I was in the process of preparing to launch the following week a week-long meditative/training retreat that I had been working on since January with my team. Not only that, but I was also in the middle of trying to hire for my position since I have been promoted and created a new (and exciting!) role for myself at my job. All on top of planning for our European version of the week-long retreat being held in France in early August, which I am attending as well.

On July 14th, we dejectedly went to 2 open houses close to our neighborhood. Scouting for rental homes is like speed dating - you try your best to present your best self. At the first place, Patrick, Adam and I came in the house apple-cheeked and all smiles telling the landlord about our steady incomes and our love of the neighborhood. Our pitch fell flat compared to the sob story another family was telling of poverty and woe. The landlord told us it was unlikely that we'd be considered.

At the next open house, we recalibrated our pitch. "Let's tell them we want to raise our family here and that my parents live close by. Oh! And tell them you're Canadian and I'll tell them I was raised in this neighborhood. And let's make sure Adam is well-fed and wearing his overalls." As it turned out, the only pitch we needed was Adam being happy as a clam smiling at the rental agent who absolutely fell in love with him. There were about 6 families looking at the house and the rental agent kept coming back to us to get more Adam smiles. At one point, I pulled her aside and told her our story of needing to find a house ASAP. I even told her we'd be willing to pay $50 more a month. She seemed interested in my proposal. We left the house, went home and hopped back on Craigslist to find more homes. Not even an hour after leaving, the rental agent was at our door saying, "Can you move in this week?"

Thus started our hectic process of packing up our entire house and organizing a move while both Patrick and I were working full time during the busiest season of our jobs. The day before our move on July 19th, I sprained my ankle so I was totally useless moving things or really, doing ANYTHING. My ankle is still weak from breaking it in November at Disneyland. I HATED being laid up yet again with an injury that made it so I was on crutches. I took all of my mindfulness training and remembered, I could freak out or I can keep hopeful, be proactive and remain positive. I chose the path of least resistance and kept calm, and carried on. While our friends moved all of our belongings into our new home and I got help from our daycare provider to carry Adam to and from my car while I continued to work, we managed to move and I was in Petaluma kicking off the retreat I had worked so hard to plan. By July 23, I was off crutches and walking around. Surprisingly, my stress was very low. My mantra was, "This isn't forever - this craziness will pass very soon." Keeping things in perspective, you know?

Now we are settled (somewhat) into our new home. I finally finished painting all of our rooms from the drab beige to a nice, cool color pallet. I started collecting vintage pieces from the Antique Faire, so I'm feeling nearly confident to post my finished home on Saucy Dwellings (if they'll have me). And, I'm leaving for Europe in 4 days! Holy shit!


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Posted by: Your Imaginary Friend (rocksee)
Posted at: August 8th, 2013 05:30 am (UTC)

Ugh! I hear you! We just found our fridge to be leaking big time. We already had to replace the oven at our own cost because the landlord refused. The over door had no catch, which is dangerous for Adam, and was just ancient! It sucks but we love the place. I hope that your new place works out well. I'm there with you in your frustration!

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